GHL - Interclub Tennis Scheudle

Established in 1937 the Hartford Tennis Club is one of the oldest and largest private tennis clubs in New England.

Greater Hartford Tennis League (GHL)

The Greater Hartford Tennis League is a competitive lady’s and men’s doubles tennis league that runs throughout the summer season. Competitive play occurs between local outdoor tennis clubs and consists of approximately 29 teams.

Team Play is as follows:

1. On designated mornings for the ladies, and designated evenings for the men three separate matches (each referred to as a position) take place consisting of six players from each club. Home matches are generally played one week, with the away match the following week.

2. The 1st. position is made up of the higher ranked players. The 2nd. position the next rank down, and the 3rd. position is made up of the lower ranked players.

3. The schedule of play is set by the GHL.

4. Team captains assign players accordingly, keeping in mind the positions ranking, skill level of their players, and the availability of their players.

5. Team and position skill level is set by the GHL, as follows:

a. A League Players: 4.5 and higher- any position

b. B+ League Players: 4.5 1st position – 3.5 to 4.0 other positions

c. B League Players: 3.5 to 4.0 – any position

6. The minimum age for players is seventeen.

7. The Hartford Tennis Club currently participates in the GHL and posts four teams.

8. HTC members that are interested in playing are encouraged to contact the team captain for your level of play.